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Why Choose MRGN? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you a small business owner looking to turn the tide in your favor? If you’re tired of managing your finances with pen and paper, battling cluttered Excel files, or feeling overwhelmed by complex analytics, then the budgeting solutions by MRGN will be right up your alley. Founded in early 2020, MRGN has been on a mission to revolutionize working with numbers for entrepreneurs. How? With our financial management software for small businesses, small business owners get the tools and insights needed to not only survive but thrive.

This blog shows you how our affordable small business budgeting software can be just what you need.

The Problem

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, but many lack access to the resources and knowledge necessary for success. In fact, a staggering 80-90% of small businesses face failure within 18-24 months of their launch, and 82% of them attribute their demise to a lack of business resources and tools.

MRGN Solutions

The majority of small business owners lack formal business degrees, which can lead to challenges in areas like revenue forecasting and predictive analytics. Many resort to unsophisticated bookkeeping methods or struggle to harness the power of their data. Solutions by MRGN bridge that gap and make business success more attainable with SMB budget management software.

Person holding a pen and calculator on top of a stack of papers

You see, graphs and charts are all well and good, but if you don’t understand what they mean, they’re of little use. Our financial analysis software takes these graphs and interprets them for you, providing actionable insights so you can make informed decisions.


MRGN simplifies financial data through an easy-to-use interface and guides small business owners in making data-driven decisions.

Here’s why we’re all set to succeed:

  • While big businesses often steal the spotlight, small businesses make up the majority of the U.S. business landscape, and our financial planning and budgeting softwarecaters to their unique needs.
  • Small businesses are eager to invest in AI technology, and solutions by MRGNare user-friendly with an interface designed with entrepreneurs in mind.
  • The cost-effective solutions by MRGNand affordable small business budgeting software make advanced financial analytics accessible.

If you’re a small business owner, it’s time to make the smart choice and take control of your financial future. Embrace the solutions by MRGN through financial forecasting software to free up your time and set yourself up for success.

Get Started with MRGN

Want to unlock the full potential of your small business? Let us introduce you to the power of MRGN’s start-up budgeting, financial analysis, and financial planning software. Connect with us on LinkedIn to learn more about solutions by MRGN via our budgeting solutions for businesses and get acquainted with our financial modeling software to set yourself up for the success you know you can achieve.

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