The Small Business Pain Point; From the Perspective of a CFO

Two years ago, I made a huge career-changing leap. It was not easy. I gave up a senior job at a rapidly growing startup for a handful of clients and a thesis. The thesis was that the way we work was evolving, and that those trends would allow me to support startups and solve a problem that they almost all experience.

Work from home and fractional work are well-documented trends that I don’t need to re-iterate here. What combined with those trends to make my Fractional CFO practice a reality was the deep need for financial expertise and financial operations support in early-stage startups and small businesses.

Cash is king at almost every stage of business, but it’s especially critical to early-stage businesses who are still experiencing growing pains, learning the unit economics of their business, and likely operating on weeks of cash in the bank. At the same time, the tools one could use to monitor your cash are not built for founders and small business owners, they’re built for users with a finance background. This leaves founders in a bind – cash is king, but they end up managing complex google sheets and QB accounts and Ramp/Brex/Airbase that don’t coordinate or provide real-time data to other systems.
I’ve seen

his problem more than 50 times, and have advised nearly 100 startups on their finances. When I came across Yoni and what he was building with MRGN, I knew there was an opportunity to build a product that can truly serve founders and small business owners and protect their businesses. By taking a user-first approach to finance, we could simplify the painstaking progress of projecting cash and give business owners real insight into where they were headed.

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