Developing a Financial Platform from the Desk of a Software Engineer

In my career as a software developer, I have always pursued smaller startup companies. The reasoning behind this was to hopefully find a team I enjoyed and a project I had passion for. Where I could “make a real difference“ if you will.

While in search of a new opportunity, I stumbled upon MRGN. I noticed they were an early stage startup creating a financial budgeting platform. At first I’ll admit I was a little intimidated at the thought of diving into the finance realm. But after reading a little more about the company and their aspiration to make budgeting easy, I was convinced this position would be great for me. Maybe I could learn something along the way!

Right off the bat, I was introduced to a small but amazing team already hard at making this idea a reality. I was shown the very up to date and carefully chosen tools and technologies I would be utilizing to help accomplish tasks and features of the application. It was clear from the beginning that I made a good choice by joining the MRGN team. They were not only aiming for a quick release of the product, but were doing so in all the right ways. From state management to dev-ops, everything integrated so well to make this process highly optimized.

Many startups often are so focused on the end goal and getting their product live, they underestimate or disregard many key considerations such as infrastructure, frameworks/libraries, task management etc. I was shown this was not the case with MRGN. Shortly after I joined, more members were joining the team. Together we quickly became a tight knit team. Communication between everyone was great and it really helped accelerate things.

Although I was a little intimidated by working on a financial platform, I instantly became both comfortable and excited. Many of my tasks I was assigned involved building things that incorporated financial lingo I was unfamiliar with. But even without an explanation from other members on the team or a good old google search, I was able to piece it all together on my own using the app. I was sure I wasn’t going to be the only one with technical business related questions. However, the team already had that covered. MRGN was created to make all of this easier. The onboarding process and application flow is so seamless and user friendly. Everything is comprehensible and I even had the pleasure of creating tool-tips that answer any questions a user might have including myself! Backed by an amazing knowledge base for more in depth explanations and help.

My choice to apply and join the MRGN team has been nothing but rewarding. I found exactly what I was looking for in my search. From a software engineer’s perspective, this experience has been a home run. I am truly proud to be a part of such a great team and robust product. I can not wait to see how much of a positive impact MRGN has in the future.

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