A Glimpse of Tomorrow: AI-Enabled vs. Non-AI-Enabled Companies

I want you to come with me to the year 2006. If you could go back in time and give yourself some tips about investing, developing a business, or where to focus your attention, what might you tell yourself? Or what if we were to go back to 1992? What might you advise yourself at that moment?

Now you might wonder what these two seemingly arbitrary dates have to do with anything technology or AI. But they’re not arbitrary at all. These were two of the most significant inflection points in recent human history. 2006 was the year before the release of the iPhone, and 1992 was the year before the release of the internet to the public. Each of these events split the trajectory of human history in entirely new directions.

By splitting, I mean that there is a clear divergence between two ways of living, operating, thinking, etc., in our personal and professional lives. I can think of very few companies (if any) that chose not to adapt to the internet and have thrived to become a market leader. Similarly, companies that didn’t embrace the smartphone revolution will have left significant opportunities on the table, if not left the table altogether. Splits used to happen every so often. But now, technology is causing splits to be more frequent and significantly more impactful.

I suggest that we are approaching a similar inflection point that is happening as you read these lines on your computer or phone. We are entering the First Age of AI – where there will be another split from the trajectory we’ve been on, to a new trajectory that is faster, more abundant, and more promising, IF you’re ready.

A trajectory of non-AI Enabled companies vs. AI-enabled companies.

We are entering an age where being an AI-enabled company is becoming a must for any firm to have short and long-term success. Until recently, AI was more of a feature than a foundation. Some companies used AI, others didn’t, and it wasn’t that big of a deal if you didn’t. But, these scenarios where you can thrive without being AI-powered are quickly disappearing for companies of all sizes.

In the course of my work, I advise governments, NGOs, investors, startups, and enterprises about the most impactful trends and technologies shaping the world and then apply those global insights to their local circumstances. While AI is essential for every company, it is not essential that every company become an AI development company. Small and medium-sized companies can easily take off-the-shelf products like MRGN to optimize and streamline their financial livelihoods, doing in seconds what used to take teams weeks. Or, AI products like NarrativeX, which empower any business to create and tell a compelling narrative that resonates with investors, customers, partners, and the broader marketplace.

Using AI products like these will give any business a competitive edge and allow teams to focus on what they do best while using AI to augment, streamline, and supercharge every aspect of their business. Knowing what you know now, what would the “you” 10 or 20 years from now advise you to do today? Are you ready to enable your company and put the power of AI at your fingertips?

Christopher Sanchez, Founder & CEO Emergent Line

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