Mrgn Revolutionizes Strategic Planning For Small Businesses

Cutting-edge software simplifies small business financial and operational planning, enabling strategic decisions on cash flow, human resources and more, all within the context of your industry and the economy.


[Jan 2, 2024] mrgn has just launched their revolutionary predictive financial and operational planning platform for small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs. As companies consider bank loans, look to optimize expenses, or strategize headcount, mrgn’s proprietary software provides the insights necessary to make data-based decisions and stay one step ahead in an ever-changing economic landscape, without the need for a CFO. Powered by Machine-Learning, mrgn’s technology integrates historical data and market trends, to simulate various scenarios that may impact a businesses’ cash flow.

A one-stop solution for budget creation, forecasting, and analysis, mrgn software automates the budget creation process, freeing up time and resources so that business owners can focus on implementation and growth. mrgn provides a comprehensive breakdown of intricate metrics, simplifying financial jargon for all stakeholders. It enables businesses to plan iteratively, delegate tasks, share insights, and encourages participation from the entire team.

“mrgn is more than a platform; it’s a commitment to the success of small businesses. By blending innovation with affordability, we’re giving entrepreneurs the resources they need to make data-driven decisions, turning business challenges into stepping stones towards growth.” —Yoni Rubin, CEO, mrgn

The release of mrgn marks a significant turning point for small businesses now able to leverage predictive intelligence to aid in financial decision-making. By automating and streamlining operational planning, small business owners and entrepreneurs can simplify their budgeting and forecasting processes, and set themselves on the right path towards increased profitability.


About The Company

mrgn is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based financial planning software for small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs dedicated to simplifying business planning. With innovative software solutions, mrgn empowers business owners to gain financial and operational clarity, save time, and make informed decisions to ensure their long-term success.

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