Helping small businesses thrive and succeed with tools that analyze and forecast their goals.

Brand attributes


The mrgn logo represents who we are:
a fluid and dynamic solution to all our partners.

The lower case font is meant to be more approachable while the arches represent scaling your margins up.

Brand mark

The arch

The arch represents mrgn’s visual brand.
Our goal is to help you analyze and scale your business to the next level.
The arch represents your growth forward and scaling to a successful outcome.


Taking part of inspiration such as Neuzit Grotesk, Futura, and 1930s grotesque sans serif with almost monoline contrast and pointy curves, the fonts consist modern and clean cut forms, the x-height dimension slight taller to provide clear spaces between caps and x-height, this also equipped with open counter and balanced spaces to preserve the legibility at a range of sizes.

Color palette: Primary

A modern touch with hint of bold pop, our color palette was inspired by nature and the tranquility it infuses when we interact with it.
Our goal is to give users a peace of mind when they engage with us and the feeling of calm and relief.
Our primary green helps invoke that while also doubling as a sign of growth and finance.

Color palette: Secondary