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Unlock Your Small Business’s Success with Financial Planning Software

A financial plan is essential for small businesses to thrive. It’s the roadmap that guides aspirations, manages costs, and ensures long-term and short-term goals are met. Without a well-structured financial plan, small businesses risk financial instability. In fact, this is often overlooked by investors, creditors, and bankers.

At MRGN, we understand the paramount importance of financial planning for small businesses. Our mission is to be the co-founder every small business owner needs. We recognize that 90% of small businesses face failure within 18-24 months, primarily due to the lack of access to business acumen and tools. Our financial planning software and small business expense planning tools aim to empower companies to take control of their financial planning, even without a CFO.


Introducing MRGN, Your Financial Advisor

Our journey began in early 2020 when our CEO, Yoni Rubin, faced a daunting challenge while leading business operations for a software venture in New York City. His CEO requested a 15% reduction in burn rate within 24 hours, a task that seemed impossible with conventional spreadsheet tools. This predicament inspired Yoni to assemble a team of experts and develop MRGN, giving small businesses financial planning software that would revolutionize how they work.

MRGN represents the next generation of business management, providing small businesses with the capability to foresee financial and operational challenges. We recognize that complicated graphs and charts are futile if you don’t understand their significance. MRGN’s small business planning software goes beyond visual data; it interprets complex financial information, making it accessible and actionable.

What’s more, our financial planning software for small businesses is on the cloud. SaaS (Software as a Service) financial models offer distinct advantages over traditional product-based models like Microsoft Excel. With SaaS, users access software without the burden of ownership. The service provider handles maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding your data.

A financial model is more than just a spreadsheet; it’s a planning tool that provides a clear image of your company’s financial health and future prospects. It dissects revenues and expenses, highlighting where investments should be directed. Key unit economics are outlined, offering insights into when KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will be achieved. Our financial planning software transforms the vision and action of running a business into a quantifiable blueprint for strategic planning and budgeting.

Leveraging Financial Models for Informed Decision-Making

A financial model achieved through our small business expense planning tools empowers businesses to make informed decisions. It quantitatively illuminates your path to achieving KPIs and objectives based on existing financial data. By identifying the most influential factors affecting your business’s growth, you can allocate resources and human resources more efficiently. Financial modeling and planning software helps companies view how people and transactions impact performance, enabling strategic adjustments for a successful future.

With MRGN by your side, you won’t need to wonder if you’re on track to meet your revenue targets. Just consult your financial model. Concerned about overspending? MRGN has the answers. Wondering when to hire your next team member? Let our small business planning software guide you.

For small businesses, financial planning software isn’t an option but is necessary for success. With MRGN, you have a reliable partner to ensure your small business thrives. Get in touch with us to learn more today!

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