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Predictive Intelligence for Small Business

All of the market data and operational guidance you’ve been looking for, layered right on top of your operating plan.


Considering a bank loan?
Need to cut expenses?
Planning headcount changes?

Simulate a variety of scenarios that may impact your cash flow.

Team Collaboration

No more sharing or emailing spreadsheets, and no more one-on-one meetings. Delegate your planning process and collaborate in the cloud.

No CFO? No Problem!

MRGN is designed for the finance novice. Anyone on your team can get started with MRGN today.

Forget About Spreadsheet Formulas

Gross Margin, ARR, MRR, CAC…what does it all mean? We’ll tell you everything you need to know, and how to optimize it!


Benchmarks & Insights

AI insights that will tell you how your metrics compare to competing businesses, when to hire and much more!

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